Bleaching trays

Bleaching trays

Smile is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature to man, thus we always try to maximally replicate its naturalness. Teeth bleaching using trays is simple, one of the most popular and easiest procedures you could have for your smile. Teeth change color for a variety of reasons – aging, certain food consumption (coffee, tea, tobacco), diseases or simply due to human genetics. Bleaching trays are one of the best options to restoring initial teeth brightness. 

During the first visit, dentist will individually evaluate your case and will choose the best teeth whitening option for you. Then dental impressions will be taken and bleaching tray will be made.

Many researches carried out in various countries confirm that teeth bleaching using hydrogen peroxide is safe, does not alter the structure of teeth and surrounding tissues. There are a lot of myths about the harm of teeth bleaching. They are untrue, however. Even on the contrary – it is the safest cosmetic dental procedure.

After bleaching trays are made and instructions of use are given, patient can start bleaching teeth at home. The usage of trays is very simple – special bleaching gel is inserted into the tray. The tray is placed on the teeth, allowing the bleaching process to start. 10-14 nights are required for the procedure to take effect. The active ingredient – carbamide peroxide – breaks down, allowing oxygen to infiltrate the enamel and dissociate colored compounds. Tooth structure does not change, only gets brighter. Bleaching trays should be used as prescribed by dentist. Your dentist will provide you with all the information you need. 

Remember that teeth bleaching does not affect fillings and prosthetic teeth. If teeth became sensitive, bleaching should be stopped and resumed only when sensitivity passes. The usage of staining food products, as well as smoking, should be avoided during and shortly after the bleaching.   

Teeth bleaching effect is individual and varies for each patient. This depends on a number of reasons: teeth structure, enamel thickness, type of pigments, etc. Laser bleaching procedure is also available at our clinic in Vilnius. Both bleaching trays and laser bleaching are equally effective, but bleaching trays come at a lower price.

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