Four-step concept

For good long-term results, the 4-step concept is applied. The further disease has advanced, the more steps are needed to pass. Co-operation of the patient – good oral hygiene – is necessary for good treatment outcome.

  • Professional

    Professional oral hygiene. Gum diseases at an early stage are successfully treated by regularly carried out hygiene program, which consists of professional oral hygiene and good personal oral hygiene.

  • Conventional

    Deep curettage. When periodontitis has further advanced, plaque, tartar and bacteria removal from gum pockets is necessary for treatment to take effect. This is done through making a deep curettage – deep cleaning of gum pockets. We use Dürr Vector system. This is the most effective and least traumatic way to perform this procedure and what is very important – painless!

  • Treatment of infectious tissue with a laser

    Laser therapy. Severely infected periodontal tissues are removed by laser sterilization of dental pockets. Laser removal of bacteria is almost always followed by a very good healing.

  • Periodontal surgery

    Surgical treatment of periodontitis. In case of severe periodontitis surgical periodontal treatment is necessary. A laser may be used as an additional measure. Nowadays, the jaw bone can be regenerated using bone substitutes (synthetic and natural) and special membranes to promote bone formation.

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