Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry is undergoing major changes, due to recent appearance of new restorative materials, which enable a production of ideally esthetic dental restorations.

Teeth can be missing because of many reasons, such as due to dental decay, destruction of connective tissue or trauma. Congenitally missing teeth are not very rare, either. Prosthetic dentistry means the replacement of missing teeth, soft tissues or all teeth through a variety of artificial methods. Prosthetic dentistry also comprises the replacement of damaged teeth with crowns, i.e. replacing the visible part of the tooth. Cosmetic dental prosthetics is proposed in frontal teeth area in order to adjust the shape, color or close the gaps between the teeth.

The term "dental prosthesis" traditionally sounds uncomfortably, as it has long been associated with destructive drilling and natural teeth replacement. However, the meaning of this concept has changed massively after a successful introduction of all-ceramics (porcelain). Metal in prosthetic dentistry is being gradually replaced. Due to the lack of esthetics and possible gum problems, metal ceramics is not recommended for people who care about their appearance.

Today metal can be fully replaced by porcelain (all ceramic, porcelain teeth). In modern prosthodontics, zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide frames are being proposed instead of metal frames. These are very durable materials, otherwise referred to as ceramic steel, which can be used for individual crowns or bridges of all teeth groups. Restorations of metal-free ceramics display perfect esthetics – they are indistinguishable from real teeth even for the sharpest eye. In addition, it is extremely biocompatible material, well tolerated by the human body, causing no side effects and not affecting the gingiva. All metal-free ceramic restorations are produced in our clinic by our dentists or “Pilėnė” dental laboratory technicians. With our own dental laboratory we can guarantee the highest quality and esthetics of dental prosthetics.

Estetinio protezavimo medžiagosEstetinio protezavimo medžiagos

Possible restoration options, depending on the defect size and localization:

  • all-ceramic (porcelain) veneers – for frontal teeth;
  • crowns (also known as dental crowns) – for any tooth;
  • porcelain onlays – for molars;
  • bridges – when tooth(s) is/are missing (a cheaper and lesser alternative to dental implants);
  • removable prostheses (dentures, removable partial dentures) – in case of serious dental arch defects.

“Pilėnė” is a cosmetic dental clinic in Vilnius, so we do not recommend metal ceramics to our patients, but we can make it at customer's request. Strength and resistance of modern ceramic restorations is not any lower than metal’s, moreover it displays far superior esthetics and biocompatibility.

Depending on what kind of materials is used, all-ceramic composition is further divided into leucite ceramics (glass infiltration, “cast” ceramics) and monocrystalline ceramics (true porcelain). Our clinic specializes in monocrystalline ceramics as well as metal-free zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide-based ceramics, processed by CEREC 3D system.

CEREC is the most advanced technology (CAD/CAM) in cosmetic dentistry. It consists of a computerized dental scanning and modeling system and highly accurate microprocessor-controlled milling device. This system enables dentist to produce very durable, precise and esthetic in-office restorations (inlays, onlays, crowns, porcelain veneers) in addition to laboratory-made restorations (crowns and bridges) of zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide ceramics.


  • Excellent quality, perfect esthetics
  • Restorations in single visit
  • Dental prosthetics with CEREC maximally saves natural tooth tissues
  • Biocompatible materials
  • Excellent looks, high precision
  • Strong and durable metal-free dental restorations

Prieš ir po estetinio protezavimo

CEREC restorations are produced from porcelain – a natural substance that has properties very similar to tooth enamel (the hardest substance in the human body). Excellent surface smoothness prevents plaque accumulation, primary luster and color of the restoration is maintained.

Dental prosthetics:

Using CEREC system maximally saves remaining tooth tissue – often there is no need to produce a dental crown which fully covers the tooth. CEREC is a time-tested system, developed in Zurich University, Switzerland, about 20 years ago. Since then, the system was greatly improved by German company Siemens Dental Equipment Division (now – Sirona). There are over 10 thousand CEREC 3D systems in the world. Over 10 million CEREC restorations have already been produced. Their precision and longevity has gained worldwide recognition and is scientifically proven.

Estetinio protezavimo kompiuterisEstetinio protezavimo priemonėsEstetinio protezavimo peržiūra Estetinio protezavimo technologija

Replacement of 4 old amalgam fillings with CEREC onlays:

Prieš estetinį protezavimąEstetinis protezavimas kompiuterio ekraneEstetinio protezavimo technikaEstetinio protezavimo medžiagosPo estetinio protezavimo

Our advantages:

Prosthetic works in our clinic is carried out using various types of ceramics. Our specialization is cosmetic prosthetic dentistry. Our in-house dental laboratory enables technician to take part in live treatment planning – simplifies the assessment of teeth shape and color.

Different methodologies (produced in a laboratory or by CEREC) are used for different types of porcelain.    

Dental prosthetics with CEREC:

Often, 1-4 teeth can be restored only in one visit. Porcelain crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers are made immediately in the clinic – they do not need to be sent to the dental laboratory.

The result is up to one visit reduced treatment time, only one injection of anesthetic, no temporary crowns and highly precise restorations guaranteed by computer. Cosmetic prosthetic dentistry – amazing opportunities both to the patient and the dentist!    

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