Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces are a smart choice.

Self-ligating brace has a built-in arch fixation mechanism, which automatically closes after the arch has been inserted. Such braces cause less discomfort, align teeth faster and shorten dental appointment’s time, because they are easy to manipulate and forces applied to the teeth are more consistent, compared to standard braces.

The profile of such brace is a bit higher than standard, but no additional arch fixation is needed, thus it is easier for a patient to remove dental plaque and maintain good oral hygiene.

Self-ligating braces technology has been created for your convenience – it saves time, causes less discomfort, straightens teeth faster and sometimes even allows tooth extraction prior treatment to be avoided.

Self-ligating braces are shown below:

There is also an option of ceramic self-ligating braces for esthetic zone.

Shorter visits, Rarer visits, Less pain, Easier to maintain, Less damage to oral mucosa, Sometimes lets to avoid tooth extraction

More expensive than standard braces

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