Laser bleaching

Laser bleaching

Laser bleaching procedure allows you to have a whiter smile just in 30 minutes. High-concentration bleaching gel guarantees rapid results. Generally onetime procedure is enough to achieve the desired effect. Increased teeth sensitivity may be present and staining food products and beverages should be avoided for one day after the procedure. Laser acts as an activator, enhancing the bleaching effect of a special gel, allowing maximum results to be obtained over a short period of time.  

What chemical reaction does laser bleaching induce? Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) on the tooth surface decomposes into water (H2O) and free oxygen (O). Free oxygen is chemically very active and breaks down large organic compounds into smaller. Large pigmented (colored) compounds are located inside the tooth enamel. In the influence of free oxygen they oxidize into shorter carbon-chain-containing compounds. As a result, pigmented compounds become colorless, and teeth get whiter. However, this reaction is not fast, therefore traditional teeth whitening at home takes quite a long time. The laser accelerates the reaction by acting as an activator.

Laser teeth bleaching is superior to in-office bleaching without a light source or bleaching using other light sources (bleaching lamps) because laser beam is precisely aligned with photoactivated gel – all the energy emitted by laser is used to activate the hydrogen peroxide and then absorbed, energy loss is minimalized, teeth tissues do not heat.  Meanwhile, bleaching lamp’s light spectrum is broad, activation is uneven and teeth tissues tend to heat up. For this reason, LaserSmile is indisputably the fastest and most effective teeth bleaching method. However, it is important to remember that bleaching outcome is always individual, regardless of the methods used.

How is laser teeth bleaching done?

1. The gum protection is set.
2. Teeth are covered with special bleaching gel.
3. The gel is repeatedly activated by laser every 15 seconds.
4. The gel is washed off, gum protection is removed.

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