Our clinic offers all currently existing services of modern dentistry in one place. We were first to establish an in-house dental laboratory in Lithuania.  Dental technician directly cooperates with clinician and patient to achieve the best possible results. Technician can directly evaluate every minute nuance of your case, therefore making highly precise and esthetic individualized prosthesis. We believe in the principle of good faith – every case is special and clichés cannot be used in modern cosmetic dentistry, instead we propose the most realistic perfect-for-you outcome. 

Our advantages:

  • Our clinic is recognized not only by locals – we have foreigner patients as well.
  • We specialize in modern cosmetic dentistry but all dental procedures are available.
  • We keep with global progress and update our equipment regularly.
  • Clinic is fully computerized – digital radiography system (up to 90% less dosage, less radiation, better x-ray quality, higher precision, digital analysis, faster).
  • We have all licensed clinicians you might need in one place. Every procedure is performed by the respective specialist not general dentist.
  • We were probably the first in Lithuania to start laser dental treatment and to offer a full range of teeth whitening options.
  • We were the first in Lithuania to introduce CEREC 3D (esthetic ceramic restoration made in the dental office) and INVISALIGN (braceless teeth straightening system).
  • Our dental clinic is one of the first highly specialized dental clinics in Lithuania (since 2004).
  • State-of-the-art technology and highly-skilled dental professionals solves even the most complex cases.
  • We ensure the highest sterility standards. Every material and instrument used has its certificate and compliance sheet.
  • Thanks to modern equipment and highly-skilled specialists, we offer you not what is possible, but what you truly need.
  • We find naturally looking teeth the most attractive and functional.
  • Clinic’s staff is insured by Gjensidige damage insurance in case of damage caused to the patient.

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