Root resection and cystectomy

Root resection and cystectomy

It is a procedure when the inflammatory focus situated at the apex of the tooth root and the root apex itself are removed. Often radicular cysts arise in the foci of inflammation. Then whole cyst with its capsule is removed.

Cysts’ causes:

  • Untreated tooth root canal
  • Inadequate endodontic treatment
  • Dental trauma

Patient can feel no discomfort for a long time. Cysts are often detected by chance when having X-ray or at later stages, when fistula has formed (drainage of pus through the gums). The surgery is performed when conservative treatment (endodontic treatment or retreatment) is ineffective. Procedure volume depends on the size of the cysts. It may include one, two or even four teeth.

Procedure protocol:

Local anesthesia

  • Suturing
  • Removal of the cyst with its capsule and inflammatory focus
  • Gingival incision, depending on the size of the cyst and the condition of the teeth
  • Removal of root apex, protruding into the cyst capsule or inflammatory focus
  • Filling of the bone defect with artificial bone granules and placement of insulating membrane
  • Sutures removal 7-14 days after the surgery

Surgery is not always successful. Teeth may be removed, due to the high loss of bone. It is often apparent even before the surgery. Buccal swelling lasting 2-4 days can be observed after the procedure. Postoperative pain prevalence is rare. The probability of inflammation recurrence is about 5%.

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