Gingival contouring

Gingival contouring

Generally gingival contouring by laser is performed after teeth straightening and gingival height adjustment procedures are finished. Laser treatment is simple and takes 20-30 min. Laser treatment is followed by noticeably lower bleeding and quicker healing compared to conventional surgery.

Cosmetic laser gum corrections:

Gum line is a very important measure of a harmonic smile, as oppose to the popular belief that teeth form and color are only what matters.  If you would imagine a smile as a work of art, then teeth would be an image and gums – the frames. Our dental professionals perform unique laser gingival contouring procedures.

Possible adjustments:

  • Asymmetrical gum line – different gingival height, compared to the symmetrical teeth of the same type (e.g. Left and right upper canines);
  • Gummy smile – smiling widely reveals the gums (more than 2mm);
  • Irregular gum line – both symmetrical teeth are too low or too high.

Gingival contouring in the maxillary jaw:

Before laser treatment and after laser treatment
Gingival height was adjusted by laser and old crowns were replaced.

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