Abscess incision and drainage

Abscess incision and drainage

One of the untreated teeth complications is facial swelling. Emerging periosteal inflammation (periostitis) in other words – an abscess – should be suspected.


  1. Localized swelling around the causal tooth.
  2. Severe pain, occurring when touching swollen tissues.
  3. Subfebrile temperature.
  4. Trismus – reduced opening of the mouth.


  1. Local anesthesia
  2. Incision in abscess area
  3. Drain insertion
  4. Antibiotics prescription
  5. Removal of the drain the following day
  6. Treatment or removal of the tooth after two weeks

Induration in the area can remain up to one month after the procedure.


If left untreated, periosteal inflammation (abscess) can cause phlegmon (diffuse inflammation) which is a serious complication. Immediate hospitalization and stationary treatment is required. It is typical to mandibular abscesses. Therefore, in case of facial swelling, seek medical help immediately.

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