Bleaching trays

Bleaching trays

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to have a glamorous white smile. Bleaching using trays is efficient, completely painless and modern teeth whitening method.

Special technique allows a person to create a much whiter smile in about two weeks (about 10-14 days) simply at home. Every teeth bleaching tray is individually made at the dental laboratory. Later, the tray is filled with bleaching gel and mounted on the teeth during the night.

This do-it-yourself method is completely safe. Teeth have time to adapt to various bleaching agents, therefore avoiding various side effects and discomfort. Teeth whiteness level is easily controlled – the longer you wear the bleaching trays, the bigger will be the effect. In case of unpleasant teeth and/or gum sensitivity, you can always stop the whitening procedure and continue the process later after these senses have eased.  

Teeth must be thoroughly cleaned using a toothbrush and floss prior to procedure. Bleaching trays, made from biocompatible materials, should be filled with special bleaching gel and then mounted on the teeth. Gel location in the tray may vary depending on the surfaces bleached. Gel surplus could adversely affect the gums, so do not attempt to use more than necessary.

Bleaching trays’ contraindications:

  • teeth with fillings, crowns, veneers. Restorations do not bleach – they will become visible and replacement will be needed;
  • non-vital teeth whitening because the latter should be done from the inside;
  • allergy to carbamide peroxide or other constituent parts of the bleaching gel;
  • intensive caries or sensitive teeth;
  • braces or periodontitis.

Teeth whitening instruction is uncomplicated – just remember dentist’s recommendations on when and how much bleaching gel to use and how to maintain the bleaching tray. Every time the bleaching tray is removed from the mouth it has to be properly cleaned with a toothbrush and rinsed with water.

Sometimes teeth become more sensitive after the treatment, so it is advised to use mouthrinses containing fluoride. In case of more serious side effects, seek medical attention.

Today, teeth can be bleached at an affordable price at home. Delight everyone around you with your white smile!

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