Dental splints

Dental splints

In order to avoid various negative dental alterations to straightened and whitened teeth and to protect teeth from various injuries an advanced method is available now – dental splints – which are easily interchangeable, removable and maintained.

Modernly manufactured dental splints can have different functions, depending on patient's needs. Several major types of dental splints are distinguished:

  • Sport mouth guards
  • Bite splints
  • Bleaching trays
  • Myorelaxing splints

Removable dental splints can be designed to straighten teeth when teeth crowding is clearly visible or spaces between the teeth are present, also dental splints can be used in case of very deep bite (front upper teeth excessively overlapping the lower) or when the central line of dental arches does not match. Teeth misalignment cannot be left untreated because malpositioned teeth experience increased wear and become sensitive over the time. Poor dental health and incorrect bite subsequently determine incomplete food chewing. The result: the deterioration of the digestive tract, worsened stomach condition, temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Depending on the situation, the orthodontic treatment using removable dental splints (aligners) lasts from few months to a year or a little longer.

Sport mouth guards:

Special sport mouth guards prevent injuries that have negative effect or irreversibly destroy natural tooth. A risk posed by intense contact activity can be withdrawn using special plastic mouth guards. They partially absorb the shock incurred.

Bite splints:

Occlusal (anti-bruxism) splints provide protection against rapid parafunctional wear of teeth during sleep. This type of dental splints is strong and has a thicker inner layer.

Bleaching trays:

For those dreaming of whiter teeth, modern bleaching trays can be used today in addition to various teeth whitening procedures and measures. Special technology allows you to simply create a whiter smile at your own home.

Myorelaxing splints:

In case of unpleasant pain in temporomandibular joint area, dental technician individually produces myorelaxing splint which is fairly soft but can perfectly withstand occlusal loads in molar teeth area. Thus masticatory muscles relax and reduce the pressure on the temporomandibular joint.

Modern dental splints ensure both beautiful smile, and teeth protection. Experienced dentists of our clinic will take into account each patient's concerns, expectations and offer the most acceptable alternative.

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