Immediate implantation

Immediate implantation

Immediate implantation is a surgery when implant is placed immediately after tooth extraction. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. In addition, it is often risky to immediately put a temporary crown on the implant. If at the time of implantation good primary stability of the implant is achieved, immediate placement of prosthetic temporary crown is possible, but it cannot function in occlusion. During the first month after the implantation, applying chewing load on implant is risky, because it can compromise implant’s engraftment.

It is therefore necessary to plan immediate implantation individually and responsibly.

There are many different clinical situations and everything should be assessed individually.

Indications to perform immediate implantation:

  • Atraumatic tooth removal (root-covering bone walls remain undamaged).
  • No inflammation in root-covering bone walls is present.
  • When good primary stability of dental implant can be achieved.
  • No active inflammatory process in root-surrounding tissues is present.
  • Sufficient vestibular cortical wall and gum thickness if implanted in front teeth area.
  • If all remaining teeth is of poor prognosis and will be removed, resulting in edentulous jaw.

Therefore, there are many risks. They may pose a risk to implant engraftment or cause poor esthetic result.

First example:

Lower or upper single-rooted premolar is going to be extracted. Immediate implantation is almost always possible in such cases.

Second example:

All remaining teeth are damaged by periodontitis and will be removed, resulting in edentulous jaw.

Third example:

Lower or upper molar. If all interradical septa are intact after the tooth extraction, immediate implantation is possible. Otherwise, it is considered too risky and implant should be safely inserted after 2-4 months.

Fourth example:

Esthetic zone – upper frontal teeth
It is important to understand the impending consequences of immediate implantation. There is no doubt that implant will naturalize successfully. The real question is – how will the gum line around the prosthetic dental crown look like in several years. If all conditions are met, good results are very likely. However, even in ideal cases, there is a risk of gum recession. To prevent this from happening when performing immediate implantation in esthetic zone, we make additional incisions and use artificial bone. We take all necessary measures to ensure the stability of tissues.

Another very important factor is a temporary crown on the implant.  Is it always possible to load implant immediately with temporary crown? It is in fact possible, if good primary implant stability is achieved. However, the risk of excessive chewing load during the first month remains considerably high.

It is therefore necessary to plan immediate implantation individually and responsibly.

  • Time-saving
  • Less traumatic
  • Proper implant positioning

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