Standard metal braces

Standard metal braces

Non-removable orthodontic appliances – metal braces – are designed to treat dental misalignments and malocclusions.

Braces looks like simple metal buttons, but, in fact, store complex tri-dimensional information about tooth’s position in the mouth.  Braces align both – crown and root – of a tooth.  These orthodontic appliances are small and handy, therefore comfortable for the patient. Treatment lasts 1.5-2 years. Despite the type of braces, dental appointments are scheduled at least once a month.

Metal braces are suitable for patients of any given age, but the best treatment results are shown when treating 12-13 years adolescents with secondary dentition.

Metal braces can differ in size (standard or smaller), internal characteristics and comfort of use. Treatment time is chosen individually for each patient by a qualified orthodontist. The procedure is painless and approximately lasts for an hour.  During the adaptive period, patient can feel gnawing and other similar unpleasant sensations, which is totally normal and temporary.

Oral hygiene straightening:

Good oral hygiene is one of the keys to a successful treatment outcome. A toothbrush with prolonged filaments (rotational and sweeping motions) and one tooth toothbrush (sweeping motions from all four sides) along with fluoride containing toothpaste are recommended when wearing braces. Interproximal area should be cleaned using interdental brush. A floss, a mouthwash or fluoride mouthrinse along with plaque disclosing tablets could also be used. Thorough tooth brushing and flossing prevents plaque formation, thus reducing the risk of caries.

For ones, wanting to stand out, we recommend choosing colorful ligatures. All things taken into consideration, metal braces give the smile you have always wanted at a reasonable price!

Good control, Reasonably priced, Convenient and simple, Optional colors allow one to stand out

Compromised esthetics

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