Sapphire braces

Sapphire braces

Everyone dreams of a beautiful smile, that’s why almost every orthodontic appliance used today is made as esthetically looking as possible.

A lot of patients worry that they will look weird wearing braces, so they choose every other possibility, but not orthodontic treatment. They choose esthetic composite restorations or veneering, but there is no better way to straighten the teeth than orthodontics, simply because the teeth structure remains intact.

One of the most esthetic straightening options is sapphire braces. Sapphire braces are crystal clear, made from monocrystalline sapphire. These braces omit all the light coming through, therefore making it practically invisible. Sapphire braces are highly esthetic, because the tooth itself is more visible than the brace. Other esthetic braces cannot omit all the light and are inferior to sapphire braces.

Sapphire braces have extremely sleek surfaces, which contribute to less scratching oral mucosa and causing less discomfort than other types of braces. A toothbrush with prolonged filaments (rotational and sweeping motions) and one tooth toothbrush (sweeping motions from all four sides) along with fluoride containing toothpaste are recommended when wearing braces.

Interproximal area should be cleaned using interdental brush. A floss, a mouthwash or fluoride mouthrinse along with plaque disclosing tablets could also be used. Sapphire braces’ price is a bit higher, compared to other types of braces and treatment can take longer, however, higher self-esteem and possibility to smile freely during the treatment redeems it. We work for your happiness and offer you modern teeth straightening options.

Photo examples:

Esthetic, Convenient, Do not change color, Do not chip

Higher price, Bigger, Clinically observed slower teeth straightening, Braces’ removal can cause more discomfort

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