Laser procedures

Laser procedures

Many people feel discomfort prior to and during the visit at the dentist. Needle, dental drilling, annoying sound are what cause negative emotions. However, dentistry has taken a big step forward, and all these nuisances can be avoided today. US’s company BIOLASE ( has developed dental lasers WATERLASE (hard and soft tissue laser) and LASERSMILE (soft tissue and teeth whitening laser).

Laser for soft tissues and teeth whitening

WATERLASE creates hydrokinetic energy and activates drops of water, which remove tooth decay, as well as excessive soft tissues (gums). Using laser energy, combined with water and air-flow, prevent tissues from heating (in fact, tissues cool down about 2 degrees), there is no vibration, thus pain is imperceptible, and in most cases, no anesthesia is required. Laser does not create unpleasant sounds, except for mild ticking. Laser cut is precise and also destroys bacteria, sterilizes tissue surface. Laser treatment of soft tissues and gums allows the achievement of great results – treatment is painless, sterile, without severe bleeding, providing excellent healing without scarring.

This device is effectively used for many procedures for children and adults:

  • root canal therapy,
  • lip and tongue frenectomy,
  • adjustment of cosmetic gum defects (asymmetrical gum line, gummy smile)
  • teeth desensitization,
  • decay removal,
  • periodontal disease treatment,
  • removal of benign tumors of the mouth,
  • treatment of lip and oral herpes (herpes), cheilitis, ulcers,
  • root apex resection.

Another great news for those who want to have a wonderful smile is LASERSMILE. This laser is used in many surgical procedures, as well as highly effective and safe teeth whitening. Special bleaching gel is activated by laser light. As a result, teeth get whiter immediately by several shades of the color scale.

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