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Our clinic’s working hours: I-V 8-20, VI (under a separate agreement).

  • We accept various payment cards.
  • Registration needed. We recommend you to register by phone.  Administrator will offer the time that is most convenient for you. 
  • We recommend you to register for consultation prior to dental implantation and esthetic procedures (teeth whitening, esthetic composite restoration, prosthetics).  Professional oral hygiene is mandatory prior to every procedure.
  • Our clinic “Pilėnė“ has contracts with “SEB life insurance” and “Compensa life”.


We offer you “General Financing” consumer leasing for dental treatment and related expenses up to €5000. “General Financing” is a part of French bank “Societe Generale” group and is one of the leading consumer credit and lease companies in Lithuania, which employs the “Societe Generale” experience of over 50 years in 27 countries worldwide. “General Financing” services private customers in over 800 trading venues in Lithuania.

People eligible for consumer leasing:

  • Public officials (ministries’, local government employees and others);
  • Receiving “Sodra” paid regular benefits (pensions, allowances , and so on.);
  • Receiving salary under employment contract;
  • Pensioners of ministries (receiving ministry paid pensions);
  • Farmers.

In order to use consumer leasing service, you must have one of the personal ID documents:

  • Passport of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Identity card of the Republic of Lithuania.

If necessary, we can ask to see additional document:

  • Statutory officers - the Certificate of Employment;
  • Farmers - Farm's Registration Certificate.

For more information call +370 700 33123 or go to the website

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