Lingual braces

Lingual braces

Increasingly more people, dreaming about flawless smile, resolve to change and choose teeth straightening procedure. The most effective teeth straightening option is braces. Many adult patients worry about how their teeth will look, when wearing braces, but it really should not be an object of concern. New modern option in orthodontics – lingual braces – allows one to get uncompromised esthetics throughout all treatment time.

Lingual braces features

Lingual (internal) braces are totally invisible, as they are attached to lingual teeth surfaces. Nobody ever suspects, one is wearing braces, thus even the most demanding patients will be content.

Lingual braces are manufactured individually in laboratories in Germany and France. These braces are exceptionally thin and flat, perfectly adapts to tooth’s surface and are the most convenient to wear. In the beginning of treatment, speech impediment and irritation of tongue are possible, but the nuisance is temporary. Although lingual braces’ maintenance is more difficult compared to standard braces (tricky to maintain good oral hygiene), the risk of caries is, in fact, lesser.

Lingual (internal) braces’ price is quite high, but no one will ever know you are wearing them! It’s the optimal choice for people who do not want or cannot choose standard external braces.

The beginning of treatment with lingual braces can take up to two months and the treatment might be longer. We are always reaching for the maximum esthetics throughout all teeth straightening procedure.

Photo examples:

Uncompromised, flawless esthetics; Made from gold alloys (highly non-allergenic)

Treatment may take longer, Very expensive, Unpleasant tongue adaptation period, Temporary speech impediment, Difficult to maintain good oral hygiene

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