Sinus lift surgery

Sinus lift surgery

The sinuses are a connected system of hollow cavities in the skull. A sinus lift is a surgery that adds bone to maxillary jaw in the area of molars and premolars. Sometimes sinus surgery is unavoidable, if bone level remaining is too low for dental implantation.

The most common pathology, when placing dental implants in maxillary molars’ area, is bone resorption in sinus cavity. Adequate bone height and thickness is needed in order to properly place an implant. Often bone level is not sufficient in molar and premolar areas of maxillary jaw because of the low position of the sinus.

Therefore sinus (Schneider membrane) lift must be performed when bone level in this area is insufficient.  Sinus lift can be performed either in open or closed manner.

Open sinus lift surgery:

This method is used, when remaining bone level is less than 5mm. Under the local anesthesia, incision in mucous membrane is made, forming a lateral window in the buccal osseous wall in canine fossa area. Inner mucosa of the maxillary sinus is lifted, forming a gap between osseous sinus wall and the mucosa. The gap is filled with bone granules. Sometimes, an immediate implantation is possible, in other cases implantation is performed after 6 months.

Cheek swelling and bruising irradiating to mandibular jaw can be observed for 2-4 days after the surgery. Antibiotics are prescribed for 7 days.

Closed sinus lift surgery:

This method is used when remaining bone level at the sinus is 4-7 millimeters.  A dental implant is always placed during the surgery. Such sinus lift surgery is not much different from simple dental implantation.

During the procedure, using special instruments sinus floor is lifted through the bed of dental implant, no additional incisions are made. The resulting gap is filled with bone granules. After the operation swelling is absent. Teeth brushing can be sensitive, during the postoperative period – brush them gently with a soft brush and use a mouth rinse.

Sinus lift is a widely used surgery, the risk of complications is minimal. You will soon feel great and enjoy a fabulous smile.  Having additional questions? Not sure if you need this surgery? Interested in the exact price? Struggle no more! Our clinic’s doctors are ready to advise you.

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