Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene

Regular professional oral hygiene provides permanent protection against tooth decay and periodontitis. These diseases are caused by bacteria, which "settle" on the surface of the tooth and gingival sulcus. They convert sugar and other carbohydrates into acids and damage tooth’s structure. Long-term effects are widely known – tooth cavities and gum diseases which, in advanced stages, can become the reason of tooth loss. Fortunately, this can be avoided in compliance with ongoing prevention program –professional oral hygiene and regular quality toothbrushing.

Prior to any teeth whitening or treatment procedure removal of plaque and tartar is necessary. Professional oral hygiene is usually recommended every 6 months.

The prevention program (professional oral hygiene) at our clinic Pilėnė in Vilnius includes:

  • A careful inspection of the teeth and gums using intraoral camera;
  • Cariesogenic condition and gum disease risk assessment;
  • Professional teeth cleaning;
  • Fluoride application or sealant application.

Professional oral hygiene at clinic “Pilėnė” is performed using a combination of Air-flow system and ultrasonic scaler, sometimes laser is used as an auxiliary tool.


Air-flow perfectly removes soft and hard dental plaque from the tooth surface, fissures, pits and interdental spaces. Dental hygiene is performed using special powder in combination with water and compressed air flow. Professional oral hygiene is performed using advanced KAVO PROPHYflex 3 system, which is safe both for tooth surface and gums. It effectively removes dental plaque which accumulated because of smoking, black tea, coffee and other staining foods consumption. Therefore teeth appear brighter after the procedure.


Ultrasound is used to remove supragingival and subgingival calculus, as well as inflammatory granulations, microorganisms and their toxins from gingival pockets. Such professional dental hygiene is essential to maintain healthy periodontal tissues and/or to stop disease progression. Gingival pockets are sterilized by laser.

Professional oral hygiene is carried out by trained specialist – dental hygienist. His/her task is to take care of the gums and surrounding tissues’ health, to teach patients correct individual oral hygiene, to familiarize in general with oral hygiene and its importance. During professional oral hygiene procedure, dental hygienist will check your oral hygiene, remove dental plaque and advise you on how to correctly brush your teeth, which oral care products to choose. Good professional oral hygiene is your cheapest dentist! :)

Air-flow: before and after:

Burnos higienos įrankisNetinkama burnos higienaDantys po valymo

Oral hygiene tool, Poor oral hygiene and Teeth after cleaning

Profesionali burnos higiena pas mus. Kodėl verta rinktis?

Professional oral hygiene procedures are performed by professional dental hygienist, using the full range of different tools and materials (specialized tools are used if implants, esthetic fillings or prosthetics are present in the mouth).

Dental plaque and tartar are removed using one of the most recent dental plaque removal methods: Air Flow.

Special Kavo Prophy Pearls powder (calcium carbonate) is used when applying Air-flow method. Kavo Prophy Pearls powder particles are round and soft, so the plaque is removed non-abrasively, preserving the tooth enamel and soft tissues of the mouth.

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