Removable dentures

Removable dentures

After a partial or complete loss of teeth jaw bone resorbs, remaining teeth cannot sustain occlusal loads, adjacent teeth changes position, occlusion is altered,  digestive system malfunctions, social life is compromised. The restoration of lost teeth is necessary. Dental bridges and implants are the restorations of choice. However, in case of anatomical limitations or health problems, a removable denture can be made. Nowadays, they are mostly used as cosmetic removable prostheses. Their biggest advantage is the price.

Temporary cosmetic removable dentures not only restore the chewing function, but also look like natural teeth. They are fully customizable: size, color and form are adapted to restore the esthetic image of the mouth. Dentures also support the temporomandibular joint function, prevent uncomfortable crackling when chewing, humming in the ear and other unpleasant sensations from appearing in the future.

Generally this technology serves as a temporary prosthesis, but may also be used as permanent when other options (dental implants, removable partial dentures) are not available.  

Depending on the individual situation, partial or complete dentures can be made. Removable prostheses are retained by special clasps which do not harm the surface of the supporting teeth.

If patient responsibly and carefully maintains the prosthesis, a beautiful and healthy smile will come back to life for a long time.

  • Price
  • “Full mouth” sensation
  • Lesser esthetics
  • Worse retention
  • Speech impediment

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