Dental jewelry

Dental jewelry

For those dreaming of exclusively-looking smile, we offer EU certified dental jewelry made of high quality materials. Jewels of various shapes and colors can be placed on the tooth surface. Not only they create a subtle smile image, but also hide a number of enamel defects.

Exclusive jewelry can be placed for various periods of time and are divided into two types: short- and long-lasting. Sometimes barely visible or subtly sparkly special teeth decorations are made from biocompatible materials such as clear zirconia crystal.

Advantages of dental jewelry:

Dental jewelry can hide small non-carious teeth defects: pigmentation or fluorosis stains, enamel hypoplasia. Of course, serious lesions or decay must not be masked, they need to be treated. Professional dentist will never recommend putting decorations on teeth for persons who has poor oral hygiene, oral mucosal diseases or obvious gingival lesions.

The decoration procedure takes about half an hour, is completely painless and does not harm human teeth. Minor interference can be felt for the first few days, but in the long run, any unpleasant sensation disappears and patients fully adapt to their new teeth decorations.

Jewelry removal:

Jewelry from the tooth surface is removed easily, painlessly and quickly. Jewelry removal does not affect the enamel or the very condition of the tooth, tooth surface remains smooth and healthy.

Nota bene:

  • Dental jewelry lasts from several months to a year.
  • If jewelry felt off, it is advised to visit a dentist who will remove the layer of adhesive material.
  • Jewelry should not be touched with hands and good oral hygiene must be maintained.
  • Heavy smokers and coffee drinkers should think twice before getting dental jewelry placed – the site may have some color difference after future jewelry removal. In this case it is advised to perform teeth whitening.

On request, we offer our patients exclusive dental jewelry at reasonable prices: golden dental jewelry, Swarovski crystals and diamonds with a wide variety of shapes and colors.

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