Panoramic X - ray

Digital Panoramic X-ray

Panoramic X-ray (orthopantomogram) is a very important diagnostic tool in dentistry. X-ray image obtained using this method, covers the entire mouth and the surrounding area (the lower jaw joints and maxillary sinuses).

Panoramic X-ray has a high diagnostic value for a clinician – no other diagnostic test, carried out separately, gives so much information about the patient's teeth and oral tissues condition.

Indications to do an orthopantomogram:

  • Planning the extraction of the wisdom teeth (third molars)
  • Planning large-scale reconstructions
  • Periodontal status assessment
  • Planning implantation
  • Planning orthodontic treatment (additional cephalometric X-ray may be required)

Often a panoramic photo (alone or with intraoral X-rays) is necessary to identify difficult-to-locate tooth pain source.

A huge advantage of panoramic X-ray is low radiation dosage for the patient.  X-ray source moves around patient’s face and distributes the exposure evenly. Panoramic X-ray radiation dose is only about 2-fold higher than usual intraoral X-rays. 

Digital panoramic X-ray is the latest achievement in dental X-ray technology. Digital technology allows the reduction of X-ray dosage up to 70%. Moreover, it has every advantage of digital X-ray imaging as well – clinician can thoroughly analyze the X-ray using various tools provided by software. The image can be transferred to an external drive (e.g. USB) or sent by email. 

Dental clinic “Pilėnė“ is equipped with panoramic X-ray imaging system Orthopos by Sirona (Germany)  with cephalometric adapter. Company Sirona was a co-founder of orthopantomograph, today its equipment is universally recognized as one of the most accurate and reliable.

All panoramic X-rays performed at our clinic is strictly digital-only.