An operating microscope is one of the necessities of modern dental clinic. Microscope is mandatory for an effective endodontic (root canal) treatment. Often obliterated root canals as well as 4th canal of the molars are found only due to the use of microscope.  If hard-to-see canal are left untreated, infection in the tooth will remain and will lower the chance of good endodontic treatment outcome. Microscope helps the clinician ensure that everything is done right.

Microscope is often used when re-treating root canals, treating complications (e.g. apical perforation), removing posts and broken instruments.

Dental clinic “Pilėnė“ specialists always try to save your own tooth, because there is no better implant, than your own healthy tooth root! Endodontic treatment is usually successful, allowing the recreation of dental crown on your own tooth root. However, sometimes endodontic treatment can be unsuccessful, even if everything is done right by the endodontist.

Magnification provided by the operating microscope improves visualization of the anatomy present leading to better outcomes for the patient. Root canal treatment is a precise procedure and precise tools are needed!

Today patients want to get the most modern and the most effective treatment – the same our dental clinic’s “Pilėnė“ specialists are willing to provide!