Intraoral camera

Digital intraoral camera is an important tool in modern dental clinic. It allows dentist to see up to 100 times magnified view, significantly facilitating the diagnostics and treatment. Intraoral camera enhances the communication between dentist and patient – the view in the monitor allows the doctor to thoroughly explain the intended treatment plan.  Camera also allows effective documentation of treatment procedures and outcomes, and comparison with the preceding condition.

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Digital X - ray

Modern dentistry is characterized by the rapid development of diagnostic and treatment methods. X-ray, discovered in 1895 by W. C. Röntgen, remains one of the most important diagnostic tools in modern medicine and dentistry. Nowadays digital X-ray imaging is being taken for granted in most of dental clinics. We strive to offer the best to our patients. That is why dental clinic „Pilėnė“ is equipped with ultramodern X-ray imaging system Sidexis by Sirona (Germany).

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Panoramic X - ray

Digital Panoramic X-ray

Panoramic X-ray (orthopantomogram) is a very important diagnostic tool in dentistry. X-ray image obtained using this method, covers the entire mouth and the surrounding area (the lower jaw joints and maxillary sinuses).

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