A-PRF – Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin is extracted from patient’s blood using a special method.

A-PRF contains morphogenetic bone proteins, vascular endothelial growth factors. These factors are particularly important for bone regeneration, bone reconstructive procedures, wound healing.

A-PRF is used in dentistry, dermatology, plastic surgery.

The method to obtain A-PRF was developed in 2013. However, its predecessor PRF was being used since 2001.

A-PRF is obtained faster and contains 50% more growth factors compared to PRF.

The equipment required to obtain A-PRF:

  • Patient’s venous blood
  • Special patented test-tube
  • Centrifugation equipment
  • A-PRF instruments set

A-PRF is used to:

  1. Speed up the postoperative wound healing.
  2. Biologically activate implant engraftment.
  3. Cover the operational window and reinforce membranes during sinus lift surgery.
  4. Coat bone grafts with biologically active substances during bone augmentation surgery.
  5. Fill in the dental alveolus in order to facilitate healing after tooth extraction.
  6. Thicken soft tissue, cover recessions during periodontal surgery.